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3 of my Pachinko Machines in 3 custom cabinets I built and wall mounted side by side.

Front shot, same thing.

My First Pachinko.  A Nishijin "Happy Hospital",  aka "Nurse", aka "Nurse Jane".  When sold to me it was listed as a family machine, Turns out it is an R-rated Pachinko.  Ordinarily this would upset me as it was improperly described at the time of sale but the machine does nothing that is bad at all.  I've seen worse on the 6 O'clock news. SO, a cool machine that is fun to play.  A keeper for sure.

My second Pachinko.  A Heiwa "Club Paradise".  A very new machine (2000), this features killer quality sound, high res graphical videos and a gazillion lights.  A very visually appealing machine.

My Third Pachinko.  A Sankyo "Super Combi",  aka "Lotto Pick 4".  Listed as "lotto" when I bought it this is a newer Sankyo.  It is a entertaining machine with 2 dual color LED's in the center of a RAMP that the balls cruise into and swirl around before falling into 1 of 3 holes (1 is a winner causing the slot LED's to spin like slot reels and the other 2 are losers.   A cool twist but it is a difficult machine to "hit jackpot" on since only a third (if you are lucky) go into the slot activation pocket.

My Fourth Pachinko.  A Sankyo "Train To Tokyo".  A very cool newer Sankyo with lots of cool video sequences to keep your interest.  A very cool addition to the collection.  One note:  this is the loudest damn Pachinko I've played.  There are three settings:  "deafening", "painfully loud", and "my gosh unplug the damn thing"!  I guess deafening will have to do until I finish my research on Kick The Fog's Pachinko Volume Mod. (coming soon)

My Fifth Pachinko.  A Daichi that was professionally restored by my Brother.  A great vintage Pachinko in superb operating condition thanks to my Bro.  I play the crap out of it.   There is something to be said for the vintage machines. They are more of a shoot and watch type machine instead of  the newer crank em up and let the balls fly machines.  Both are cool and that's why I have at least one of each.


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